Photo c/o Christopher Sprowls for Radiant Hall.

Photo c/o Christopher Sprowls for Radiant Hall.

About the owner: 

Aisling (pronounced "Ashling") Quigley, the head behind Plantus Press, used to operate a studio at Radiant Hall, Susquehanna in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She recently moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. Conor McGrann, her partner and an artist in his own right, often offers significant help, too. 

About the business: 

Plantus Press is not about mass-production. Each edition of cards, t-shirts, etc. is small, giving space for new projects to evolve. Aisling has been working on drawings and prints for several years, dating back to her days in the printmaking studio at her alma mater, Carleton College. To see some of these drawings, and more current iterations of prints available in this store, check out her Instagram and tumblr!