Head Totes

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Hand-pulled screen-printed, one-of-a-kind design drawn, transferred, and exposed in my little apartment in Pittsburgh, PA and printed by me in my studio at Radiant Hall

Check out my drawings and layers in progress at my blog, http://ashplantdraws.tumblr.com/.

-tote bag

*Please note: due to the nature of the production process, colors may vary slightly. Slight variation in registration is also to be expected, as these are all handmade!

What is this?

This totestarted with a drawing I did of my cat, Evie (here). The drawing evolved (here) and I subsequently made the Ms. Evelyn in Puffed Sleeves card (available here). As often happens in my work, I wanted to work with multiples and to abstract this work somewhat...so I simplified the image and focused in on the cat head, and then multiplied and reorganized this image. I used Rubylith films to create background layers and patterns (short time-lapse video of my Rubylith process here). 

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